Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steve and Julie's Bathroom

Steve & Julie’s bathroom was on its “last leg”. Only the cold water worked in the bathtub and the countertop over the toilet was something I had never seen before. They had been contemplating doing this project for a long time, but they were uneasy with all of the decisions that would need to be made throughout the process. After careful consideration they decided to go ahead with the project.
            We decided on removing the very small 12” linen closet door to make room for a larger linen cabinet. This one thing alone completely changed the look of the whole bathroom. To tie both sides of the room together a vanity to match the linen cabinet was chosen. They decided on granite counter tops and tumbled natural tile in the shower. All of this made for a more updated aesthetic design as well as a more user friendly space.

            All said and done, they were very glad they did the project. They just wished they had done it sooner!