Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jon and Barb's Kitchen Remodel

    Jon and Barb's kitchen was in need of a remodel. With 20 year old cabinets, the function and design of the kitchen weren't working for them. I scheduled a meeting with Greg Millen from St. Joseph Cabinetry & Design where we explored the options available. At St. Joseph,  Jon and Barb were able to get a 3D rendering of their new kitchen and even got a virtual look at the design on a big screen t.v.  This makes it easy to envision the new space and make the design decisions with confidence.  For Jon and Barb, this meant making the decision to eliminate a cumbersome pantry closet (with bi-fold doors) to make room for additional counter space and cabinets.  They choose a beautiful combination of dark wood and rustic white cabinetry with granite counter tops.
    Once the cabinets arrived we spent the next few weeks installing and finishing the kitchen remodel.  Since they had a Thanksgiving gathering approaching, we were able to rush the timeline to get the job finished in time for their event. They wanted to be able to show off their new kitchen and entertain with pride.